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Sandan Farming Machinery Company

Sandan Farming Machinery Company has been working in the field of designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment since 1981.
From the beginning, the focus of its activity has been innovation and technology in the agricultural industry and Keeping up with the needs of farmers to develop mechanization with the help of experienced engineers, technicians and experienced management and the use of sophisticated machinery and the use of consumers and experts opinions have been trying to bring about the comfort and prosperity of the work of the farmers and the prestige of Iran in the agricultural sector.

The company has been serving the agricultural sector for many years and it has always had the satisfaction of its customers and consumers, but it is working to keep farmers more satisfied.

We believe that the key to our survival is the satisfaction of our farmers and customers, so we expect our dear consumers to share their suggestions with relevant departments at any time via email and company contact numbers to deliver superior quality products.


Manufacturer of Deep seeder, Chisel , Sprayer, Tandem disc, Semi heavy weight tandem disc , Offset disc, Semi heavy weight Offset disc.

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